“I wasn’t sold on Monticello College until I actually got to the physical campus. The back-to-nature feeling there is so peaceful. The tranquility and healing I experienced have made it my new home.”

—Hailey Hardman, Highland, UT – Class of 2021

Training in the liberal arts is indispensable to making free men out of children. It prepares them for the uses of freedom — the proper employment of free time and the exercise of political power. It prepares them for leisure and for citizenship.

— Mortimer J. Adler

Welcome to
Monticello College

Building New American Founders

Monticello College has one goal: build new American Founders.  In the same way that “True North” is required for precision navigation, America needs to return to her “true north” which requires Americans built from the same stuff as our forefathers.

The "true north" principles required to return to the America of our founding are:

Public Virtue

If you are looking for more than an education to get a job;

If you want to make an impact in a very independent way;

If you dream of a life beyond corporations and government overreach,

We are the college for you.

Visit Monticello College

Monticello College is unlike any other school in the nation. We invite you to come breathe the fresh mountain air on our rural Utah campus. Explore the Manti-La Sal National Forest to our west and south, tour our farm, greenhouses, orchard, food forest, and classrooms. Relish a farm-to-table lunch with Monticello faculty and students. See for yourself that it’s possible to learn in a place where you can live shared values (And bring your leather gloves and work boots).

We welcome visitors any Friday during the school year except when we are in the field. Please click the "Visit" button below, fill out the form and indicate which day you would like to schedule a visit; our staff will contact you and make arrangements. Part of your visit will be to participate in a colloquium or group discussion. Once the day of your visit is established, you will receive your reading assignment. A tour, interviews with students and faculty will be arranged, and we invite you to join us for a “better than organic” whole campus produced lunch.