President's Message

Arnold Tonybee and Will Durant both wrote and taught extensively that all nations eventually face a vital crossroads. Their teachings were foreshadowed by Alexander Tytler, who suggested that all nations face massive re-structuring about every 200 years.

The last time America faced such a challenge, our country was lead by statesmen of the caliber of Washington, Jefferson, and Hamilton and they managed to take us in the right direction. When that day comes again, who will lead America through the most difficult time we will have faced in the last two centuries?

At no time in the history of our country have we needed the wisdom and body of knowledge of the Founding Fathers more than we do today. Yet at no time has it been less studied or applied.

Not only do we need to know and utilize what the Founders knew in order to renew and perpetuate liberty for our children and grandchildren, but we desperately need NEW American founders who can apply the wisdom of the past in a modern way.

Monticello College is a forward-looking, technologically-advanced, solutions-driven innovator in the marketplace. We endeavor to solve the immediate problems of graduate unemployment by supplying them with real world solutions and training and preparing our students to anticipate change. 

We train leaders of the future by teaching our students to perpetually embrace and cultivate forward-thinking innovation and to build personal skills that allow them to navigate rapid technological and social change.

We exemplify and promote the development of change-embracing leadership in harmony with principle-based morals and character qualities. 

And lastly, our program promotes social consciousness and the need to make serious positive impact in the world. Although times have changed, these were all facets of education that were employed by the founding era to meet the needs of their day.

Monticello College re-introduces this kind of new American founding education to the 21st Century. It follows the same model, which trained the great U. S. founding statesmen and other great statesmen through history including Cicero, Gladstone, Burke, Lincoln, Gandhi, and Churchill.

One of the most important and least considered aspects of training entrepreneurs and leaders, is mental toughness and tenacity. What looks like self-sufficiency and survival training on our campus is actually "mental toughness" training.

There is a critical shortage of George Washington-level leadership in America. While it is true that God sent and prepared George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others for their missions, it is also true that our world will yet face challenges bigger than those faced by Washington—and God has reserved and is now sending the Washingtons of our generation to meet and overcome those challenges. He has also sent certain people to help prepare the Washingtons and Jeffersons of the 21st Century, and if we do our part the future of the United Sates and the world will be a legacy of virtue and freedom.

Monticello College is leading out in this effort and we are fulfilling our mission with our new Monticello College campus—where students will be trained to lead the way Washington and Franklin were trained to lead—And it will change the world.

Welcome to Monticello College.