Advocation Board

When people ask me "is Monticello College an accredited institution?", my answer is always, "no, we have something better than accreditation."  What does accreditation mean to the average person?  It means being qualified or credentialed to get a good job after graduation, or a better shot at graduate school. 

Over the years we have proven that solid liberal arts graduates can get into virtually any graduate program from Law to an MBA by doing well on the entrance examinations (LSAT, GMAT, etc.)

But what about going directly into the business world? If an accredited degree is required, how do students get past that obstacle at Monticello College? And even with an accredited degree (the work force now has more than 70% of the applicants holding such degrees), lack of experience is preventing many from a career opportunity. 

We have overcome this difficulty by the development of a unique element to career creation called Advocation.  Advocation is a process consisting of three parts:

  • MC academics
  • Internships
  • Seasoned and successful ADV Board members  

We begin with an Advocation Board comprised of people who are all successful in their fields.  Each Advocation board member is assigned a number of 2nd year students who they interface with during the student's college experience.   

These board members often teach mini-seminars on campus and maintain a relationship with their assigned "mentees."  Most members also offer internships to the pool of 2nd to 4th year students (2 required for the BA).  By the time graduation rolls around, these students have been "life" mentored by successful businessmen and business owners, artists, political leaders, craftsmen, artisans of all types, philosophers, etc.  

Every graduating student must complete an academic Oral Examination and an Advocation Oral Examination.  Upon graduation, each graduate will receive not only a diploma, but a portfolio from at least three of the Advocation Board members showcasing the accomplishments of each member (credibility) and containing recommendations to potential employers, strongly encouraging any future employer to hire this graduate.  It will go on to say great things about the internship work experience and other high character qualities. 

What an edge this will give our graduates!  I foresee a number of graduates going to work for the Advocation board members upon graduation.


Advocation Board

Robert Ferrell  
Joe Holcomb  
Stephen Palmer  
Tracy Roberts  
Kerry Severn  
Travis Slade  
Sandra Stapley  
Brian Tibbets