Brandon Mitchell

Brandon Mitchell has always had a love of reading and studying history. While growing up, his family owned a construction company where he learned how to work hard at a very young age. He started off his young adult life fighting for his life against stage IV cancer. Though terrible, this was a life changing experience that taught him many valuable life lessons. He holds a Certificate of Accounting, a BS in Computer Science and is working on a MA in Education. Working as a Software Engineer for over 15 years in commercial, educational and military institutions, he has had the opportunity to work in and learn about many business fields.

In addition to his love of books and learning, he enjoys water skiing, shooting, archery and exploring the world. He also stays busy helping take care of the garden, dogs, chickens and bees. 

Brandon and his wife Jacqueline are always sharing the new things they are learning with each other. They love to pack up the truck and head into the wilderness to see where the next dirt road will lead them while listening to and discussing audio seminars.