Dee Atkin

Part farmer, part cowboy; teacher and entrepreneur; Dee has channeled a life-long passion for people, the land and business into a variety of successful and innovative ventures over his long entrepreneurial career. As a young man, he expanded his family’s small auto repair business into a multi-faceted enterprise. He sold the business after eight years, and completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Arts Education from Brigham Young University in 1984.

In 1986 while teaching school, computers emerged on the scene and Dee jumped in with his usual enthusiasm, immersing himself in every aspect of this new technology. This fascination would culminate in the creation of a high tech consultancy in Topeka, Kansas in 1991, where Dee spent more than twelve years developing systems for top tier government and commercial clients.

Over the years Dee stayed close to the land and his roots, owning small family farms in Utah, Missouri and Kansas. He farmed with the Amish for a time that increased his love of agriculture and the local culture. He also continued to develop a variety of business ventures including a trademarked plush toy, a residential steel manufacturing company, a mortgage company, and a transportation company.

In 2002, Dee’s true mission emerged with an interest in land development. Based on his study of Christopher Alexander’s, “The Pattern Language” and “A Timeless Way to Build,” Dee saw himself as a builder of “communities” rather than a “developer of land”, with community becoming both a place that is lived in and loved for hundreds of years, and a philosophy that those in that community care for the land and the people in sustainable ways. These communities always had at their heart a community farm or garden with locally grown clean food. He called this community a “Timeless Village.”

His first Timeless Village design was at Sunrise Valley in southern Utah in 2006 with an 825 acre community project. Dee has participated in the design of three Timeless Village community projects to date that incorporate these “Pattern Language” principles. Please see for more information on Christopher Alexander’s ground-breaking work.

Dee married Lisa C. Banks in November of 2007 and together they have been true partners in every aspect of their lives, blending a family of thirteen children, sixteen grandchildren, a ten acre farm and community garden in Hurricane, Utah. They have a shared passion for the land and for their Timeless Village community projects and are currently designing a Timeless Village in North Dakota. Dee's lateat accomplishment is becoming a Certified Permaculture Design Consultant.