Joshua Choate

Joshua Michael Choate is a native of Cache Valley and a college drop out. Not finding the information he was seeking in traditional public education, and ever the entrepreneur, he made the difficult decision to leave Utah State University to pursue eclectic education and seek truth wherever it could be found.


Ever a lover of books and reading, he pursued “mentorship” through his reading of the Scriptures and the works of Hugh Nibley, Cleon Skousen, Neal Stephenson, Stephen Buhner, C.S. Lewis, Douglas Adams and many others.  He finds particular joy through his large collection of herbals and has spent considerable time studying the works of Dr. John R. Christopher.


Joshua is a Certified Permaculture Design Consultant through the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute.  He mentored under Peter Bane (The Permaculture Handbook, 2012) and Jerome Osentowski (The Forest Garden Greenhouse, 2015). He currently directs permaculture design and implementation on Monticello College’s Living Campus.


Together with his wife Amy, Joshua founded, owned and operated the Natural Philosophy Organic Market and Yoga Studio in Logan, UT. While thus engaged, he offered countless lectures on natural diet and lifestyle and consulted with thousands of individuals on herbal nutrition. He also experienced firsthand the extremely precarious nature of how our food supply chain works and the inherit deficiencies in our food quality. This instilled in him a deep desire to work toward local and sustainable solutions for individuals and communities – a passion he will spend the rest of his days pursuing.  He is a student of Katri Nordblom, ND and Dr. Patrick Jones and pursues wellness knowledge whenever possible.


Joshua was the founder and CEO of the SD7 Technology Group, an IT firm, which offered Information Technology consulting, design and implementation. He analyzed and designed systems, networks, websites, applications and security for many companies including multi-billion dollar firms such as Layne Christensen and Baird Capital Partners. He has mentored students and employees in computer science, information security, networking and programming.


Joshua currently resides on the Monticello College Living Campus with his wife and four children.