Patras Bukhari

Patras Bukhari is a dedicated scholar-practitioner who thrives in roles requiring vision, innovation and leadership to achieve organizational goals. A leader and pioneer in language curriculum development, evaluation rubrics, and instructor development and mentorship. Patras Bukhari, Ph.D., is from Pakistan, married to the queen of his heart, Shanaz Bukhari, and has four wonderful and very attractive children. Currently, Patras and his family live in Monterey, California and working with Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. Patras brings a vast and rich knowledge of different cultures, particularly, Asian and South Asian cultures and for the last fifteen years he has been learning, teaching and applying Western culture/North American culture. He is a master teacher for Eastern and Western cultures. His children say that “our dad will, if required, die for three things; faith, family, and education.” He is a leader, teacher, and cultural ambassador.