Robert Ferrell

Robert Ferrell, DMD, MS, BA

Dr. Ferrell is a Periodontist with over 15 yrs experience in his field and has a private practice in South Ogden, UT.  The main emphasis of his practice is dental implants.

A native from California, Dr. Ferrell graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University.   He then continued on with Dental School at the University of Louisville and completed his specialty training at the University of Nebraska with a Masters of Science.

In addition, to his full time practice, Dr. Ferrell also owns a property management franchise in Minneapolis.  Fortune 500 recently included the national company, “Real Property Management”, as one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States.  Dr. Ferrell is a great entrepreneur and has started several small businesses.

Dr. Ferrell is also an inspirational speaker and has spoken on a variety of topics.  He has presented well over a 100 lectures, including topics in dentistry, education, religion, history and humor.  He currently is responsible for a large youth group of over 6,000 young adults ranging in ages of 18-30.  He is heavily involved in speaking and counseling with this dynamic age group.

Recently, Dr. Ferrell established a non-profit organization called “The James Ferrell Foundation”, named after his father who passed away over 20 yrs ago.  His father was one of his greatest mentors and taught him how to love and serve others.   The foundation has three purposes: humanitarian trips around the world to provide dental/medical care, provide educational opportunities for youth and aiding in the creation of small business in third world countries.

His greatest accomplishment is that he is the father of nine wonderful children ranging in ages from 1-19.  He married well above himself to Lori Ann Godwin.  They have been home schooling their children for the last 12 yrs.  His wife and children are the joy of his life.  Their family loves the arts, especially the live theater, and have a great passion to travel.  They have been all over the world, from Africa to the South Pacific.  The Ferrell family is one of the founding families of a private school named, “Ascend: A Mentored Lyceum”.  The private school is built on a mentor-based education and currently has about 45 students, but is growing quickly. 

Dr. Ferrell lives in Morgan, Utah.  His interests include history, reading, lecturing, traveling, Spanish, boating and snow-skiing.  He confesses to an addiction to politics and college football.