Stephanie Malmstrom

As a native of Prescott, Arizona, Stephanie Malmstrom grew up with the pine trees, boulders, and creeks literally right outside her door. Being most at home in the outdoors, you will likely find her hiking, camping, sauntering, biking, sketching, or just “being” outside (usually barefoot). She is the mother of three incredible children, who energize and inspire her to become the best she can be in any endeavor. Before her children arrived on the scene, Stephanie earned a BS in communication disorders from BYU, an MS in speech-language pathology from USU, and worked as an SLP in a variety of settings. For the last several years, she has been drinking deeply from the classics—in every field—and loves sharing that passion with others—most notably, her children. She is always game for traveling, watercoloring, and playing the guitar, and has been married to her sweetheart, James, for over 18 years.