On-campus Studies

Our on-campus studies are one-of-a-kind, combining a classical liberal arts curriculum, world- class mentors, real day-to-day farm work and a natural mountain setting rivaled by none. This is a four-seasons campus. At 7,400 feet above sea level, the natural setting has an unparalleled beauty. Eclipsing our campus are our beloved Blue Mountains.

We begin our studies at Monticello College in the Spring. At our elevation, we are still covered in snow, a post-Winter Wonderland that encourages intense study. Perfect for wrapping up in a blanket, holding a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and settling down for a long day with Newton or Mill or Euclid.

Since we begin our studies in April and end in November, our on-campus students spend the entire academic year watching nature grow and develop—as do they. By June much of our classroom discussions and lectures are being held out-of-doors in uniquely designed “natural classrooms.” Students excel in this environment. 

Undergraduate Residency Weekly Routine

Personal Study & Seat Time – 25-30 hrs/wk
(reading, writing, discussing, thinking, teaching, community volunteering, local interning, mentor meetings etc. Part of the Mentor’s role is to ensure that students are studying by 9:00 am.)

Campus Duties – 25 hrs/wk
(scheduled hours of on-campus work – building trails, all manner of construction work, janitorial, greenhouses, animal husbandry, gardening, watering, anything that requires a regular schedule or that requires immediate attention such as snow removal.)