General Academic Information

Student Designation

Following Thomas Jefferson’s admonition, we avoid upper and lower classmen designations, and simply identify students by their year of study:

First Year
Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year


Student/Mentor Ratio

The typical student/mentor ratio is:
First Year – 25/1 (Although the ideal class size is 10-15 students per mentor, First Year students actually do better in larger groups, mostly because they are not yet accustomed to the academic scrutiny and rigor that naturally accompanies smaller classes.)
Second Year – 20/1
Third Year – 15/1
Fourth Year – 10/1


Transcripts and Grading

We provide a semester academic report for each student. Students receive an annual list of degree courses (same courses for all students) and work until all coursework is complete. The application of credits does not properly hold students accountable for academic achievement or the lack thereof; hence, we do not issue credits, only the grades listed below.

Assignment grading is a very simple matter at Monticello College. Mentors have complete autonomy in grading their students and use the following method:
Honors – Exceptional effort and quality. Student shows extraordinary growth.
Pass – Good quality and effort. Student is showing standard growth.
D/A – Inferior quality and effort.  Mentor believes the student can produce a higher quality result with additional mentoring and personal determination.
Fail – The student has not met minimum mentor expectations and has determined not to exert more effort on this particular assignment. A single failed assignment does not constitute a failed course.


Graduation Requirements

Course completion is determined by oral and written examination.  Each course typically requires 3-5 semester hours.  A semester hour is forty hours of class and study time or three hours per week for the duration of the semester. Our only degree program, the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Artsrequires 52 courses of study to meet graduation requirements.  Full graduation requirements are listed below:

  1. Complete all Bachelor of Liberal Arts courses
  2. Complete two pre-approved internships
  3. Pass Advocation Board Oral Examination
  4. Pass Academic Board Oral Examination

Graduation Committee

The Graduation Committee is made up of faculty members on rotating annual assignments. This Committee is the authority in determining if a student has satisfied all graduation requirements.


Continuing Education

These courses have no order, earn no grades, and are not part of the any degree program.  The expectation for the students is to do as much or as little of the syllabus as their individual situations will allow.  The student can benefit hugely from the flexibility and exposure to the great books, rubbing shoulders with other students while paying a very affordable price.

            Continuing Education
            Great Books Liberal Arts Courses
             (3 weeks per course) (Online)
            Foundations of Liberty Courses
             (One 4-hour lecture per month for 18-months) (Extension)


Degree Offering

We offer one bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts and two master's degrees, one in Natural Law and one in Education.


Course Semesters

Spring (April 16 – July 30)
Summer (August 1 – Nov 15)



The course catalog is available online at (not yet active).


Job Placement

No formal job placement system is provided by Monticello College.