Permaculture Design Course

Monday, August 20, 2018 - Thursday, August 30, 2018
Monticello College Campus

Hands-on activities include:

  • Construction an underground green house (walipini) and learn how to make your own for under $300!
  • Survey and dig swales on contour
  • Plant a food forest
  • Identify and harvest nutrition and medicine from wild plants
  • Create natural, healthy meals from whole foods found in the country side, grown in the garden or stored in the pantry / root cellar

Become a Certified Permaculture Designer and learn how to apply natural law to garden, home, business and community to create well-designed abundant, self-fertile and self-regulating systems. 


Upon completion of the course, graduates receive a Permaculture Design Certificate, an internationally-recognized credential for design consulting. The course is a mixture of both classroom and outdoor hands-on projects.


Our 10-day hands-on Permaculture Design Certification Course teaches you:

  • The 3 Ethics and 12 Natural Principles of Permaculture Design
  • Map Making, Sector Analysis, Element and Zone Mapping
  • The Patterns of Nature and Pattern Language techniques
  • Climates and Eco-Systems, Soil Analysis, Terraforming and Water Strategy
  • How to develop self-fertile, self-watering, self-regulating plant systems that require no external pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and even no weeding!
  • Plant Systems, Food Forests and the 7 Types of Forest Products, The 7 Layers of Perennial Systems, Stacking Succession and Function
  • Efficient, healthy animal strategy
  • Invisible Structures: Dynamics among Humans, Law, Codes and Zoning, Liability, US Legal Entity Strategy
  • Concepts in Natural Building Design and Authentic Human Settlements and Villages
  • Natural Nutrition and Medicine both from the plants you planted, as well as the plants you didn’t!  Plant Identification, the study of local plant species

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