Face to Face with Greatness Seminars


A Monticello College Event

During the first decade of the 2000’s, Face to Face with Greatness Seminars™ presented 450 seminars and served more than 100 communities helping home schooling families all over the United States and Canada to learn and apply the 7 Keys of Great Teaching and the 4 Phases of Learning of A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille.

Homeschooling has become a national phenomenon. With the growth of this alternative to government funding education, many methods and philosophies have surfaced which provide the conscientious parent with many options.  

Thomas Jefferson Education is more than a curriculum or method. It transcends all other methods and philosophies by introducing families to the principles of leadership education: the actual educational process for creating leaders and citizens who are mission driven, problem-solving oriented and concerned with personal character development.  

Face to Face With Greatness Seminars™ are the best and most intimate means to truly understand these principles and apply them in your home. We are bringing back the original seminar team of speakers who have a combined knowledge and experience level of over 50 years employing these principles. 



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Below are a few things that people have said about Face to Face With Greatness Seminars™: 

"I'm on fire after the Face to Face . . . You have inspired all of us.  It was altogether a fabulous seminar.  I had several women express deepest gratitude for the Transition to Scholar lecture you gave.  They felt the information you presented was invaluable in helping them mentor their children through that crucial time in their development.
D. F. - San Diego, CA 

"I love Dr. Brooks. He was fun, serious, interested in us and shared through example how these principles can help make our world great!"
K.S. - Victoria, British Columbia

"Homeschooling or the choice to homeschool is often about changing the process or the methods, but this [seminar] is about changing the endpoint - how to help those you love become great in their own sphere so they can have a lasting impact on society."
D.G. - Kent, WA


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Monticello College is the proud sponsor of this seminar series.  Monticello College is the only TJEd college in America.  This means that the very principles of education you learn at the seminar are employed at the collegiate level, especially Scholar and Depth.  TJEd is often assumed to be a homeschooling method or curriculum.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

TJEd is a philosophy and system of life-long learning.  It is the intellectual lifestyle and approach to education that all great prophets, statesmen, inventors, generals, scientists, thinkers, leaders, and mathematicians.  It is the approach to education that will have the greatest lasting impact on your children and ultimately help them discover their true destiny.