New American Founders

The day will again come when this nation will stand at a vital crossroads, and only statesmen of the caliber of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln will be able to take it in the right direction. When that day comes, Monticello College graduates will be prepared to lead like the Founding Fathers did.

The same will happen in other nations. At no time in the history of the world have we needed the wisdom and body of knowledge of the Founding Fathers and their generation more than we do today, yet at no time has it been less studied or applied. Not only do we need to know and utilize what the Founders knew in order to renew and perpetuate liberty for our children and grandchildren, but we desperately need new American founders now in our generation like Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Madison and so many others of their time.

These men and women were educated in a unique way, using a certain set of educational methods and readings. When we stopped using the founding method of education in the U.S., we stopped getting these kinds of results in significant numbers—and our liberties began to slip away.

George Wythe, Benjamin Rush and John Witherspoon were among the greatest teachers of the Founders. They personally mentored Thomas Jefferson, John Marshall, James Monroe, Henry Clay and the vast majority of eventual senators, congressmen, judges, governors and local officials. They were involved in the adult education of George Washington, John Adams, and more than twenty leading Founders. George Wythe introduced moot courts and mock congresses to America, and focused his entire teaching method on study of the classics under the guidance of a wise mentor with an eye toward application to current events. John Witherspoon and Benjamin Rush did the same for James Madison and a generation of American founders. It is no exaggeration to say that thier teaching hugely impacted the founding era and without their influence, the U.S. Constitution would not have been what it is.

Monticello College re-introduces this kind of new American founding education to the 21st Century. It follows the same model, which trained the great U. S. founding statesmen and other great statesmen through history including Cicero, Gladstone, Burke, Lincoln, Ghandi and Churchill.

There is a critical shortage of George Washington level leadership in the world. While it is true that God sent and prepared George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others for their mission, it is also true that our world will yet face challenges bigger than those faced by Washington—and God has reserved and is now sending the Washingtons of our generation to meet and overcome those challenges.

He has also sent certain people to help prepare the Washingtons and Jeffersons of the 21st Century, and if we do our part the future of the world will be a legacy of virtue and freedom. Monticello College knows how to do this and we are fulfilling our mission with our new Monticello College campus—where 1,500 at a time will be trained to lead the way Washington and Franklin were trained to lead—it will change the world.